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Information on the village of Newtown St. Boswells in Scotland.

Newtown St Boswells Village Redevelopment News/Update

Village Development Framework Feb 2012

The below link takes you to SBC Web Site and their Development Framework document which was recently approved by the Planning & Building Stds. committee. It’s a large document but Appendix B shows the results of village comments. The village is pleased to have a planning document that covers all planned developments (7 sites with different landowners and 1,200 houses )with the hope that thi ... [more]


Letter sent to SBC from village Community Council 20th March

From: Roger French Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 3:20 PM To: Frater, Brian Cc: Daryl Perry ; George Luke ; Harry Mclean ; Jane Smart ; Nancy Allan ; Raymond du Bois ; Tom Mc Call ; Rob Dickson ; Kenneth Gunn ; Vicky Davidson ; Riddell- Carre, Carolyn (Councillor) ; Parker, David (Councillor) ; tlogan@scotborders.gov.uk Subject: Newtown St Boswells Development plans Firstly Brian ... [more]


Letter to SBC about Development Framework Comments

13th September 2011 Dear Mr Frater, Village Comments on Development Framework Document Please see attached village comments on the Development Framework (DF) which should be read in conjunction with the DF document under each heading. The comments are based on numerous surveys, open days and face to face communication with villagers about their wishes for the redevelopment plans (some 2 ... [more]


Comments submitted on SBC Development Framework

Newtown St Boswells Community Council Comments on SBC Development Framework May 2011 1/ Introduction “DF Framework prepared by SBC in discussion with local community” More community engagement has been requested many, many times i.e. 18 months no feed-back or discussions on draft DF or it’s contents, see Community Consultation section 2/ Background Purpose of the development ... [more]


Latest on village centre development work

In summary the village is very disappointed that it has had very little involvement and no engagement or participation in the compiling of the Development Framework(DF)which is a development plan for the whole village. The village was shown a draft DF 18 months ago and invited to one walk-in session and request to make comments allowed to comment on the recommendations already made Howeve ... [more]


New Village Centre Concepts

A meeting was held in Community Wing on 25th January 2011 where a presentation was given by Bain & Swan Architects/SBC of possible concepts for future village centre. Those present: Community Councillors George Luke (GL, chair), Raymond du Bois (RduB, Secretary), Jim Dickson (JD), Harry McLean (HM), Jane Smart (JS), Nancy Allan (NA), Daryl Perry (DP), Olive Beavon, (OB) Village residents P ... [more]


Newtown expansion plan - consultation

The SBC have produced a development plan which covers the whole village and is requesting your views and comments. The village Community Council has been requesting this plan for some time now with the hope that it will prevent piecemeal development and will be taking part in the consultation with the Council on behalf of the village. In the meantime come along and have your say at consultat ... [more]



Circulation: • SBC Elected Members for Newtown & Eildon Community Council • Newtown & Eildon Community Council • Buccleuch Property & Elphinstone Estates • Scottish Enterprise Borders 1. NEWTOWN ST BOSWELLS DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK Scottish Borders Council is progressing with the draft Development Framework outlining key land use/ access options and opportunities for the ... [more]


Village Community Council response to 900 house Planning Application

The below response has been sent to the SBC regarding the Outline Planning Application recently submitted to build some 900 houses at south(600 Whitefield Farm area)and west(300 either side of Bowden Road). However we are advised by SBC that the intial PA submission is the first part of a long approval process and that during the process they intend to achieve improvements for village centre ... [more]


Update from SBC Planning and Economic Development Director 31st July

Following the disappointment at the Developers meeting, reported on this Web Site previously, the SBC Planning and Economic Development Director, Ian Lindley, has written to Community Council to explain in detail exactly what is happing in the planning application process affecting the village. His letter also covers his intentions to improve communications with the Community Council/village wh ... [more]


Update 17th July

The Community Coumcil were invited by developers to see their plans which are being submitted to SBC for outline planning approval. This was for the south (600 houses)and west development(300houses)but very little info. was given at the meeting and no changes/improvements were included for the village centre. Notes of the meeting are shown below. No further news on Mart plans which seem to be ... [more]


Masterplan Design Day 12th Nov. - Feed-back

Held in Newtown St.Boswells Community Centre, 12th November 2008 Background The Masterplan Design Day was arranged by Kevin Murray Associates on behalf of the developers, Buccleuch Property and Elphinstone, as a follow up to the Orientation Day held on 2nd October. Buccleuch and Elphinstone are working towards building 900 houses on land to the south and west of Newtown. At the earlie ... [more]


Community Workshop Thursday 2nd October- Feed back

Feed back from Workshop The Developers of the proposed south (WhiteHill Farm possible 600 houses)and west(either side of Bowden Road possibly 300 houses) housing developments held a workshop with people from the village attending who gave their views on what they think about the proposed developments and the future of the village. Those in attendance People from Village Representatives ... [more]


Government consultation - Scotland's Town Centres and Local High Streets

The consultation session was held on Monday 6th October and was conducted by a Ross Martin - Director of Policy at the Centre for Scottish Public Policy on behalf of the Scottish Government. I can provide further details of the object and areas of interest for any one who may be interested. As well as myself others present were from Selkirk CCs and Kelso with Selkirk CC having 6 people in a ... [more]


First Meeting with Developers

Newtown & Eildon Community Council Meeting with Developers Held Community Wing on 3rd July 2008 at 7.00pm 1 Discussion of Consultation process 1.1 GL opened the meeting by explaining that this is an advertised open meeting of Newtown & Eildon Community Council (NECC). 1.2 This extraordinary meeting results from the developers’ request to meet with NECC in order to discuss ... [more]


Re development summary/update

The below is a summary of developments plans for the village based on information given to the Village Community Council and from the SBC Web Site. In some cases more detailed information may be found on the SBC Planning Application Web Site – Bearing in mind the numerous Developers involved it is the Village Community Councils first priority to get a Master Plan drawn up which covers all exis ... [more]


Notes of meeting with SBC Director of Planning & Economic Development

Special meeting on the Future of Newtown St.Boswells Held Community Wing on 13th May 2008 at 7.00pm Those present: George Luke (GL, Chair), Raymond du Bois (RduB, Secretary), Jim Dickson (JD), Nancy Allan (NA), Eoin Frame (EF), Daryl Perry (DP), Audrey Laycock (AL), Roger French (RF), Alison Reed (AR, St.Boswells CC), Mrs N Ewart (NE), Kenneth Ewart (KE), Rob McEwan (RMcE), Jane Smart (JS), ... [more]


Village Redevelopment Working Group

The village Community Council has a sub-group to focus on the redevelopment work and has five members :- George Luke, Roger French, Raymond du Bois, Nancy Allan & Tom McCall. The Terms of Reference of Sub-Group are as follows :- " To act as a focal point for discussions with Council, Developers & other Agencies in order to work towards and achieve the village redevelopment ... [more]


Planning Application Information

This can be obtain from SBC Web Site. To do this click on 'Planning Applications' link below. Planning Applications Then follow below :- Select 'Application Search' at top left Then use drop down menu under 'Community Councils' and select 'Newtown St Boswells' and then hit 'Search' button. You will then see some 16 summary pages of Planning ... [more]


Villagers Views collected at Community Day

People attending were from the village and also representatives from the Council and the NewWays Agencies. (NHS, Borders Housing Network, Communities Scotland, Scottish Enterprise Board, Scottish Natural Heritage, Visit Scotland, Scottish Environmental Agency). Local Councillor Carolyn Riddell-Carre was also in attendance. The Main Hall had display boards giving results of various village sur ... [more]


A Renaissance for Newtown St Boswells - SBC Info

The Council have a Newtown St Boswells page on their Web site which gives details of the Finalised Local Plan and information on possible development of the village. This inf. can be found under the Special Interest heading on the Council Web Site or can be directly accessed by clicking on: Finalised Local Plan A flavour of what's on the Web Site is the following latest Council Briefing ... [more]


Last Update: 19/04/2012

Newtown St Boswells Village Redevelopment News/Update